People of London part 1.



Candid photos. Taking a picture when a person doesn’t realise you are actually photographing them. That is when, from my opinion, you get the best pictures. Capturing the unplanned and the real emotions. She was reading her book on the stairs near the water and I just really loved the whole feeling of the setting. The moment looked so peaceful and I just had to capture it.


@Hoi Polloi


Shoreditch is full of amazing and delicious restaurants and here comes a tip for Sunday brunch. Hoi Polloi is located with the Ace hotel on Shoreditch High Street and offers weekend brunch but also breakfast during weekdays and lunch. For brunch I would recommend picking maybe one plate and sharing one since the plates are quite big. We ordered the eggs Benedict, blueberry pancakes and the Sunday roast and it was quite enough. I also loved the fact that the menus were in the form of a newspaper. 

// Shoreditch on pullollaan mitä parempia ravintoloita ja tässä tulee yksi vinkki brunssille. Hoi Polloi sijaitsee Ace hotellin yhteydessä Shoreditch High Streetillä ja tarjoilee viikonloppuisin brunssia ja lounasta ja viikolla lisäksi aamiaista ja lounasta. Brunssille suosittelen tilaamaan yhden annoksen ja mahdollisesti jakamaan yhden sillä annoskooot ovat aika suuria. Me tilasimme munia, mustikka pannareita sekä Sunday Roastin joka varmasti tyydyttää suuremmankin nälän. Musta oli myös aivan superidea, että menut olivat sanomalehden muodossa. //




hoi_polloi-8    hoi_polloi-9

Eggs Benedict and blueberry pancakes with mascarpone, yum!



The restaurant had a violin quartet playing well-known pop songs and it suited the place perfectly. 


All in all it was a good experience! The food was delicious and left me full for most of the day! I would recommend to book a table beforehand since the place is almost always full. Definitely worth a visit!

// Kaiken kaikkiaan paikka oli hyvä kokemus. Ruoka oli erittäin maukasta ja piti kylläisenä pitkälle päivään. Ehdottomasti visiitin arvoinen paikka! //


What a weekend! We had a bachelorette party for my friend in Finland this weekend and it was so much fun! I have the honour of being one of her bridesmaids so I was also in charge of planning the weekend. I have to admit that us bridesmaids were pretty stressed about the whole party but everything went so well! The bride was so happy and surprised when we went to pick her up and I am surprised that we all managed to keep it a secret for this long haha! I am now heading back to London and back to routine after a very fun but exhausting weekend. Next time I will be coming home, will be the wedding (!!) Thank you girls for the amazing weekend!!