Fashion Weekend shows


So so many pictures so I will keep this short! Here are (finally) more pictures from the shows we went during the London Fashion Weekend. We went to see Emilia Wickstead show and also the trend show. Most of the photos are from the trend show where we were sitting in the front row so they turned out better. I have to say that I wasn’t so familiar with Emilia Wickstead before but I really loved her collection with the colours, shapes and prints.

// Tulipas kunnon kuvapommi niin on parempi pitää tämä kirjoituspuoli lyhyempänä. Eli vihdoinkin lisää kuvia näytöksistä Lontoon Fashion Weekendiltä. Kävimme katsomassa Emilia Wicksteadin näytöksen sekä trendinäytöksen. Kuvat ovat enimmäkseen jälkimmäisestä sillä olimme paremmilla paikoilla ja kuvat onnistuivat luonnollisesti paremmin. //


_MG_6879   _MG_6932







_MG_6922  _MG_6928


I have been super busy with school this week but hopefully soon I am able to post more frequently! I have so much I would like to post and share but at the moment I feel like I have no time on my hands! Well I heard that after the first semester, it will get easier and we should have more free time. Looking forward to that… Haha!


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