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We had a pre-Christmas celebration with my family because my dad will be away during Christmas time. We had a Christmas lunch and after we opened a few presents. I got something very useful for next year but I need to make an own post for that! Something very exciting! My sequin jacket is from H&M if someone is wondering. I bought it last year and I only really wear it during Christmas time and New Year but it´s perfect for this season!

Today I will go to a friend´s birthday party and after we are going to church to sing listen Christmas songs. It´s our Christmas tradition and me and my friend have been going there for like five years now? Anyway it´s so cozy and will definitely put you on a Christmas mood!

// Vietettiin ennakkojoulua viime viikonloppuna perheen parissa koska isäni on matkoilla joulun pyhät. Olimme joululounaalla Villa Hakkarissa ja jälkeenpäin availimme vielä joitain joululahjoja. Itse sain hyvinkin hyödyllisen lahjan ensi vuotta ajatellen, mutta sille asialle pitää kyllä omistaa ihan oma postaus! Kivoja juttuja tulossa! :) Tuo paljettitakki on viime vuoden ostos Hennesiltä ja käytän sitä oikeastaan vain tälläin joulun ja uudenvuoden aikaan. Mutta se on loistava tälle kaudelle!

Tänään menen käymään kaverini synttäreillä ja illalla menemme laulamaan kuuntelemaan kauneimpia joululauluja. Kauneimmat joululaulut on mun ja yhen mun parhaan kaverin pitkäaikainen jouluperinne ja ne viimeistään kyllä saa joulumielen aikaiseksi! //

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IMG_5636 Swimsuit from Change

Oh sun, sea, salt, take me back! We had an amazing hotel with a private beach and two pool areas. We were also in luck with the weather because everyday it was over 30 degrees and nothing but sunshine. On our departure day however the weather became windy and cloudy and I checked that after we left the temperature dropped to like 26-27 celcius. Talk about a perfect timing!

Since I came back it feels like I have been super busy. I went back to work and I had my dance team’s Finnish Championship competition and all the Christmas stuff has kept me busy. But in a good way! I love everything about Christmas and I am so excited it´s just around the corner! Last Christmas my dear nephew gave us all the stomach flu so if nobody is vomiting this Christmas eve, I count it as a success haha! Happy Thursday everyone!