Blue fur and autumn colours





_MG_3584   _MG_3596 _MG_3605



_MG_3591 Jeans Topshop – shirt H&M – bag Furla – fur 2hand/Zara

I have fallen more deeply in love with this blue fur coat I bought last Fall. I have noticed that many labels have made their version of this jacket and I am so happy that  I found my piece for just 6 euros a year ago. A colourful fur coat keeps the outfit interesting even in the middle of dark Finnish Autumn.

Btw, I bought this mini bucket bag from Furla a couple of weeks ago And I feel the strap is longer than it should be? I remember trying one on in black and the strap was way shorter than in this one where the bag hangs on my hips. I am thinking about going to the store and asking about it but the bag was on sale and I lost the receipt so I am not sure what good it would be..

// Musta tuntuu, että ihastun tähän karvatakkiin joka kerralla vaan enemmän! Se on vaan täydellinen syyspukeutumisen pelastaja. Huomasin muuten, että oon käyttänyt tuota samaa turkis+farkku comboa viime talvella täällä! //

Pictures Pertti Pielismaa


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