Blue fur

IMG_3450 IMG_3456 IMG_3475 IMG_3489 IMG_3518 IMG_3546 IMG_3559






I bought this beautiful blue fur coat second hand a few months ago. It´s originally from Zara but I found it from a flee market for like 6 euros. What a find! It´s finally getting warm enough to wear it. We took these pictures with my friend a few weeks ago and I really love how they turned out. Crazy how blue my eyes look in these pics. I guess it is because of all the blue I´m wearing :).

Ostin tuon sinisen tekoturkin kirpparilta pari kuukautta sitten. Se on alunperin Zarasta, mutta itse taisin maksaa siitä kuusi euroa. Aika löytö, eikö? :) 


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